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A deep fryer is one of the appliances all restaurants must have. Customers love fried foods, be they meats or vegetables. Having the right deep fryer in your restaurant will enable you prepare more variety of tasty foods.


If you would like to buy deep fryers, you will find different models in the market. The deep fryers are suitable for various types of situations. Before buying a fryer, it's important to know how suitable it is for your restaurant. Here are some things to consider when looking to buy a fryer. You can check out Cool Daddy deep fryer reviews to get started. 


Safety Precaution

Think of the safety of the deep fryers you would like to buy. Apart from this, take safety precautions in the kitchen. For instance, the restaurant should have safety polices to minimize the risk of fires or injuries. On the same note, employees should be trained on how to correctly use and maintain a deep fryer.


There should be a safety zone around the area where the fryer is, usually at least three feet. No one should stand in that safety zone. Accidents like scalds will greatly be minimized when there are only a few people spending time around the fryer.


Fryers can be dangerous if not properly used and maintained. There is always the risk of an explosion happening during cooking. Therefore, restaurants should have properly filled fire extinguishers in the kitchen. Moreover, the staff should be trained on how to use them.


Equipment Maintenance

Another thing to consider is how you will maintain the equipment. The oil has to be filtered and changed frequently for freshly batter products such as chicken wings and fish fillets. This is unlike the case with frozen products such as pre-breaded chicken nuggets and French fries. You can minimize the hassle of draining and frequent oil replacement by hiring an external filtering service or investing in a built-in filtering system.


To prolong the life of oil, reduce the fryer temperature during slow periods. Other ways of prolonging the life of oil is by using a skimmer to clear particulates between frying cycles and covering the fryer at night to minimize oxygenation.


In most restaurants, there is a policy for when the oil needs to be changed. This policy ensures that the oil is changed regularly by the staff. However, a better way of managing the oil change would be through the options mentioned before. Remember this when looking for best deep fryer available.  


The above are two things to consider before buying a deep fryer. For frying chicken in a deep fryer, be sure to head over to